Thursday, October 2, 2014

Profile pictures have evolved on social media throughout the years, from bad paid-for photos and poorly taken selfies to photos taken by photographers.

But unlike other social networking sites, OSAM profiles are official university records. While students who fail to follow directions make us frown, seeing the following photos somehow make us smile, laugh, and sometimes giggle. We now present these photos that will hopefully help students upload valid photos in the OSAM System.

1. The Groupie
A groupie is a selfie taken with a group of people. It’s basically a group selfie. Although we like the fact that you have friends whom you take your photos with, we encourage you to use a photo with only you in it.

2.  Defying Gravity

Trying to bend the laws of Physics? We know you’re not actually upside down while taking this photo. If you were, we would like to request that you show some respect to Earth’s mass and your distance from the center of the Earth. Thank you.

3. The Doppleganger
We get it, you look good. But seeing you twice, or more, is creepy and is considered bad luck.

4. Photoshop Level: Expert
This also applies to Instagram, Retrica, and other apps you use for editing photos. Why not let your true beauty shine? Go au naturel when uploading your profile picture. Also, avoid cropping/stretching or adding unnecessary elements to your photo.

5. The Pa-cute Angle

Yes, we know that photogenic people know the angle that works best for them. But we prefer a standard close-up shot (shoulder level up to tip of hair), with the student directly facing the camera in a normal angle with a neutral facial expression.

6. The Nearsighted
Close-up shots should not be taken literally! Keep your shoulders in the photo. Also, keep in mind that the photo must be square and must be at least 200x200 pixels.

7. The Farsighted

Oh, don’t use photos that include the rest of your body parts. Your good looking face and shoulders will do just fine.

8. Caution: Beware of Hands
Another reminder for stray hands and other body parts!

9. Pic-ception
Taking a photo of a photo won't do the trick. We need you to upload a photo of yourself!