Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Planning to get a laptop? The university can help you earn money while you’re still taking your bachelor's degree.

By being a student assistant here in the university, you can earn as much as Php 18,000 per semester. If you don’t know where to work yet, check the list of vacant SA positions at www.uplbosa.org/jobs. Vacant positions are removed from the list automatically whenever a student assistant applies.
Being an SA can be your competitive advantage after graduation because you can put it in your curriculum vitae as your work experience. See, this is earning money and preparing for your future, all in one! Just remember that your primary purpose in the university is not to work but to study and get a degree.

Also, remember to manage your money well and most importantly, make sure to get the most out of your immediate supervisor's knowledge and experience. Surely, your time and effort as an SA will pay off.

Here are some laptops we found that you can buy with your SA salary: http://osam.tk/laptops.

For more information about the Student Assistantship program, visit www.uplbosa.org/page-applysaCSMamino