Saturday, August 9, 2014

To receive the latest announcements from OSA, students are advised to update their OSAM profiles regularly. This means that the students must login to their OSAM accounts at, go to OSAM Profile, and update the details in the OSAM Profile.

At the same time, students are advised to use a supported mobile carrier. Currently, Globe Telecom has partnered with OSA to send SMS to students. Thus, OSA advises students to use either a Globe or Touch Mobile SIM card. More than half of the UPLB students are using a Globe/TM SIM card.

The Communication and Information Technology (COMMIT) is in charge of sending SMS announcements to students. COMMIT has prepared a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding this service:

  1. I already updated my mobile number but I still do not receive SMS.
    If you are using a supported mobile carrier and you recently updated your mobile number, you are probably not receiving SMS from us because we only update the SMS broadcast list once a month.
  2. What is the sender that will appear in my mobile phone when I receive SMS from OSA?
    The sender that should appear in your mobile device is UPLB or 09176923500.
  3. I already graduated. Why do I still receive SMS intended for registered students?
    Due to a problem in university records, OSA cannot currently request from any office a list of all graduates. Thus, we rely on user activity. Active users of the OSAM System will continue to receive SMS from OSA until we are able to secure a list of registered students from the Office of the University Registrar.
  4. Is the SMS service free?
    Yes, it is free to receive SMS from OSA.
  5. When should I update my OSAM Profile?
    OSAM profiles must be updated every semester.
  6. How do I subscribe to the SMS service?
    To subscribe, just complete your OSAM Profile at You will receive an SMS from OSA after the next system update.
  7. I am not connected with UPLB and I am receiving SMS from OSA. How do I stop receiving SMS?
    You can text STOP OSA to 2327. This means that you will block OSA from sending you any message in the future.
  8. Why is Globe the only supported mobile carrier?
    Globe/TM is currently the only partner of OSA this year. Other mobile carriers may be supported from time to time subject to availability of SMS credits. Most of the UPLB students are also using either a Globe or a TM SIM card.
  9. I already receive SMS from OSA. Why did I not get one of the messages that was sent recently?
    Your OSAM profile may have suddenly become outdated. If your profile is not outdated, then it can probably be due to a network issue. You may be in an out of coverage area when OSA tried to broadcast the message.
  10. Do I need to undergo Student Number Encoding?
    There is no need to undergo Student Number Encoding starting First Semester AY 2014-2015.
  11. I am a faculty/REPS/staff member. How do I receive SMS from students?
    Currently, the Office of Student Affairs caters to UPLB students. COMMIT is still exploring the possibility of offering the service to UPLB employees. Student organization advisers (under SOAD) and student assistant supervisors (under SFAD) may continue to receive SMS from OSA as part of the support services provided to students.
  12. What messages will OSA send me?
    Public service announcements are sent by OSA to UPLB students.
  13. How do I request to broadcast an announcement?
    OSA cannot guarantee that all announcements will be sent via SMS especially if they are unrelated to most of the students. However, OSA may help offices disseminate information through other media (Facebook, email, bulletin board) subject to approval. To send a request, write a letter addressed to the OSA Director explaining the details of the announcement and how it is compliant with the Public Service Announcement Guidelines.