Friday, July 25, 2014

After three years of service to the student organizations, we have decided it's time for us to start saying goodbye to OrgsUP. Two years ago, OrgsUP gave birth to the OSAM System which now covers the automation of services in other OSA divisions.

While we truly appreciate the value of OrgsUP and how it has served as keystone of the OSAM System, we have decided to focus all our energy and resources on making the OSAM System as awesome as possible!

We are not abolishing student organizations from the university, definitely not! We are just integrating OrgsUP to the new version of the OSAM System. This allows us to concentrate our support services as we have a dedicated team developing and maintaining the OSAM System. We assure you that the new system will be more awesome than ever.
The "merger" is ongoing and listed below are the migration states of the OrgsUP functions:

Student Profiles Migrated Changes students make in OrgsUP will reflect in the OSAM System and vice versa.
SOAD-OSA Mailing List Migrated List converted to
Magtanong Migrated Students may email for inquiries.
Org SMS Broadcast Migrated Org members will continue to receive org-related announcements via SMS.
Event Sign Ups MigratedEvent Sign Ups like Campus Tour are done via OSAM SMS and OrgsUP.
Organization Pages MigratedUpon completion, OrgsUP will redirect web traffic to the OSAM System until next year.
Activity Permits / Reports MigratedOrgs may still generate permits and submit reports via OrgsUP.
What's Up Page MigratedPage will be integrated to the OSAM System Calendar.
Recognition Forms MigratedOrgs may still generate recognition forms via OrgsUP.
Membership Confirmation MigratedOrg members may still confirm membership to orgs via OrgsUP.