Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whether you like it or not, the four-month vacation is almost over. Now is the time to start your back-to school ritual. Condition yourself to start sleeping and waking up early. You should probably try to recall how to read scholarly articles, write meaningful essays, divide fractions, and solve real-world problems using equations.

Now is also the time to recall your SystemOne/OSAM username and password. We now also have the UP Mail Account which has a password you have to remember too. Do you still have a place to stay in UPLB? You may want to come back very soon because the new freshmen enrollment happened a few weeks ago - you don't want them taking your dream home from you!
With the sad ending of your four-month vacation, we encourage you to finish the remaining episodes of your favorite TV series, watch movies, spend time with people who matter to you, go out on an adventure, complete your to-do list, and finish gaming quests before the semester starts. You have exactly 27 days.

Remember, with or without you, First Semester AY 2014-2015 will start on August 11. So, plan your remaining vacation days wisely. Here are the highlights of the first semester:

Aug. 1 (F) - 8 (F)Online Preregistration via SystemOne
Aug. 5 (T) - 7 (Th)Assisted Enlistment
Aug. 10 (Su)Campus Tour for New Freshmen (you may want to volunteer)
Aug. 11 (M)Start of Classes
Aug. 16 (Sa) - 17 (Su)UP College Admission Test (UPCAT)
Aug. 19 (T)Last Day of Late Registration
Aug. 21 (Th)Ninoy Aquino Day (Special non-working day)
Aug. 25 (M)National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)
Sep. 17BaƱamos Festival
Oct. 7 (T)Mid Semester and Last Day for Dropping of Subjects Without Evaluation of Student Performance
Oct. 30 (Th)Deadline for Graduating Students to Clear Previous Deficiencies
Nov. 1 (Sa)All Saints Day (Special non-working day)
Nov. 5 (W)Deadline for Dropping of Subjects With "Pass" or "Fail" Evaluation of Student Performance
Nov. 13 (Th)Last Day of Holding Activities
Dec. 6 (Sa)End of Classes
Dec. 8 (M) - 13 (Sa)Final Examinations
Jul. 4, 2015 (Sa)UPLB Commencement Exercises
You can refer below for the full academic calendar released by the Office of the University Registrar:

Photo by viviannguyen and mufidahkassalias.