Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Activities of student organizations featured in this article are based on the activity permits processed by the Student Organizations and Activities Division.

The 2014 UPLB February Fair is here with the theme Youth Revolution: Advancing our Unified Call for Social Change. The event aims to educate the sectors not only of UPLB but also the surrounding communities about the present social issues, importance of collective leadership in instilling nationalistic values, and the democratic rights, we, as a people have to assert to gain genuine social change.

Every year, the UPLB community looks forward to the events in Feb Fair. What’s in store for us this year?

Isko't Iskas love their music. This year, over twenty musical acts will perform in the fair. Watch out for Up Dharma Down, Callalily, Sandwich, Imago, and indie bands like Penguin, Maude, and Hidden Nikki. Hip hop listeners will be buzzed to see artists like JLP, Gnarrate, Protege, and Zaito. Watch out for the special performances by Theater Horse and UPLB’s very own Kairos Band. This year’s special guest is political activist Juana Change. On Valentine’s day, be ready to rock on to Rock United, a concert organized by The UPLB Jocks. The UPLB Development Communicators' Society will also hold their annual Star in Carillon singing contest. Indeed, 2014 February Fair is the ultimate concert experience!

The much anticipated pageant is here! On February 12 and 14, watch the Gorgeous 2014: Classy, Stunning, Empowered of the UPLB Nexus Filiae Sorority. Sixteen beautiful ladies from various student organizations and sororities in the university will battle it out on the stage to be crowned the next Gorgeous.
Want to see some shiny cars? Head on to the Student Union Building Parking Lot on February 14 and witness the RoadRage 2014, a fundraising event organized by UP Sigma Beta Sorority. Adrenaline junkies can have their share of fun in UPLB Mountaineers' The Wall XVIII wall climbing challenge near the Student Union amphitheatre. There's also Slide for Life, a zip-line challenge of the State Varsity Christian Fellowship at the UP Orgs Grounds near SU Building.

Foodie? The fair offers an assorted range of food for all foodies out there. Try out the food concessionaires that serve dishes from pasta, barbecue, and rice combos to street food like fish ball and isaw. Tip? Try some grilled corn on cob. Got a sweet tooth? Indulge yourself with Rainbow Confections's cake pops and valentine treats this week. Remember to use the discount coupon for your first cake pop.

All these activities are to look out for. Don’t miss an event!

Visit What’s Up at SOAD-OSA to see more details about the 2014 February Fair activities. All organization activities are registered in the What's Up? page of www.soadosa.org.

MAMMejia and KSAlelojo, CIA