Sunday, February 9, 2014

You heard it right. We'll let you text using our SMS facility again this season! Messages you submit until February 13 (4PM) will be delivered to your intended recipients on February 14.

Services such as this may be out of hand but rest assured that what we do at SOAD undergo careful planning and development. This service is used by our office to test our SMS facility. During the initial implementation last Christmas and last New Year, we tested the capability of our facility to send scheduled SMS.
This season, we will be stress testing the facility. We hope you participate and help stress our SMS facility. When you use the service using an account PIN, you will receive a discount coupon that you can use to indulge yourself with a cake pop from Rainbow Confections! Sample Cakepop.

DISCLAIMER: The government did not fund this project or the resources used for this project. This is a result of staff creativity with resources from the staff members.

Photo by epsos