Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last Christmas, we allowed you to text any UPLB student. The messages you submitted were delivered a few minutes past 12 midnight of December 25.

Thank you for participating in the SOAD Holiday Greetings! Services such as this may seem out of hand to some but rest assured that things we do at SOAD undergo careful planning and development. Throughout the year, we have been testing our SMS facilities to further enhance our online services.

What have we found so far? We learned that the system we developed worked as expected. We are now able to send individual text messages at a prescribed date and time. The greetings we received from December 21 to 24 were all scheduled to be delivered at 11:59 PM of December 24. We also learned that the use of Account PINs is inconvenient especially because SystemOne is unavailable as we speak.

To continue our research in improving the OSAM System, we are again opening Holiday Greetings from December 28 to January 1.

There will be a few changes though. Since SystemOne is unavailable at this time, users can just text NEWYEAR to 091‑SOWAD‑500 (091‑76923‑500). Account PIN will be sent through SMS which must be entered in the form. Students who can login to OrgsUP may also retrieve their Account PINs from OrgsUP. They will be able to submit one message every eight hours for free. For more greeting codes, users can follow the prompt when allocation is consumed.
The same guidelines apply. No confusing/foul/sexual/threatening/abusive messages. When you have read and understood what is written here, just click on the fireworks image to see the greeting form.

DISCLAIMER: The government did not fund this project or the resources used for this project. This is a result of staff creativity with resources from the staff members.