Thursday, December 26, 2013

At SOAD, we know how much communication matters. That's why students can reach us by visiting the office, calling our office landline, texting through SOAD Mobile, emailing, and the fastest way to get our attention, posting through Magtanong.

Our desire to efficiently and effectively use communication and information technology to provide industry-level service led us to experimenting with the use of mobile phones as a mode of communication.

As the year ends, we are curious about what organizations have to say regarding org text lines. Of course, these text lines are not manual. We are approaching 2014 now and a lot of stuff in OSA are now computerized. So, think of it this way, someone can text a message to a certain number and the organization will be able to access the text messages in OrgsUP.
Please participate in this discussion until January 17, 2014. All students may participate. Please answer one or more of the following questions then please indicate your organization name/acronym through a hash tag.
  1. How would your organization utilize this service?
  2. Will you particularly find this service helpful? Why or why not?
  3. Approximately, how many org-related text messages do you send and receive in a month to non-members?
  4. If this is a paid service, how much are you willing to spend per semester?
  5. What other considerations do you have regarding this service?
Feel free to discuss with or agree/disagree with the other users through the comments section below. If this is going to be implemented, organizations who will participate in the discussions will be able to beta test the system!