Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All UPLB students that have OSAM profiles regularly receive messages that are of public interest from the Office of Student Affairs.

From time to time, OSA also disseminates university announcements that concern the majority of the students such as but not limited to:
  1. class suspension announcements
  2. registration instructions
  3. public service initiatives of the university
  4. open forum and consultations

Sample PSA
OSA would like to emphasize that receiving SMS from OSA is a privilege and disseminating information through SMS is not a mandate of the office. OSA is simply helping disseminate information.

The following are the media OSA regularly uses when disseminating information:
  1. Facebook post in www.facebook.com/uplbosa
  2. Twitter post in www.twitter.com/uplbosa
  3. Email through the UPLB-OSA Mailing List
  4. Bulletin boards
  5. Promotion in www.uplbosa.org
  6. Issuance of a memorandum
In special cases and when SMS credits are available, OSA may also disseminate the information through SMS as it deems necessary.
OSA is a service unit utilizing various information and communication technology tools to provide an efficient and effective student service but OSA is not an advertising agency, thus, it does not simply send out announcements when requested.

Not receiving announcements from OSA? Make sure that you have you have an updated OSAM profile. OSA can only send SMS to Globe and Smart subscribers at this time.