Monday, December 2, 2013

For quite some time now, the UPLB Office of Student Affairs has been using three domains that may be confusing to some of you. If you're still wondering what's with all the systems, we are clarifying that today.

Collectively, systems we developed at OSA are all under the OSAM System. Some of the components of the system include the following: organization recognition, student assistantship application, online student loan board, activity permit processing, and one stop clearance.

DomainWhat is this?
SOADOSA.ORGThis is OrgsUP. This is the information system of the Student Organizations and Activities Division. This is where it all began as the automation and computerization at the OSA started at SOAD. SystemOne and OSAM accounts can be used to login to the site.
UPLBOSA.ORGThis is OSAM or the OSAM System. It stands for the Office of Student Affairs Management (OSAM) System. This is OSA's initiative to expand the systems of SOAD and also incorporate information technology to the operations of the other divisions. SystemOne and OSAM accounts can be used to login to the site.
OSAM.TKThis is also OSAM. This domain functions as a URL shortener. This helps OSA disseminate website URLs easily. For instance, the link will redirect visitors to
When we decided to expand OrgsUP, one of the considerations we had is ensuring that both systems will work hand in hand. As a result, both systems are well-integrated. When students edit their profiles in SOADOSA.ORG, the changes will also reflect in UPLBOSA.ORG, and vice versa.

However, students must see to it that they are visiting the correct websites when they are transacting with OSA. All services related to student organizations are in SOADOSA.ORG. All other services of OSA are in UPLBOSA.ORG.

In the same way, students must take note that contacting SOAD is different from contacting other OSA units.

We hope this clarifies any confusion that you may have.