Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Student Organizations and Activities Division, Office of Student Affairs, and the Balsam Fir wish you a cheerful and lively Christmas!

Thank you for being happy that SOAD did not send you a card because we are alive and well! -Balsam Fir
On behalf of all the Balsam Fir that are well and alive today, we thank you for accepting our paperless Christmas greeting!

We wanted to send you greeting cards but when we saw these trees, words couldn't express our feelings as we see the joy in their leaves and branches. So, we hope that there are no hard feelings as we're not cutting them for cards!

Kidding aside, we think that helping our environment is the second best Christmas gift. The best Christmas gift was already given about 2,000 years ago.

We are happy to report that through your participation in this endeavor, we do not just help preserve our natural resources but we also have significantly reduced the paper usage at OSA which now results to less paper waste.

Thank you for being part of the second best Christmas gift! 
Chancellor Rex Victor O. Cruz has a Christmas message too in the UPLB website.


(and counting!)