Saturday, November 30, 2013

OSA recognizes the importance of Information Technology (IT) in providing efficient and effective services to the students. Basing on how our IT personnel works, we have recommended that starting Second Semester AY 2013-2014, offices may request for IT Assistants whose primary function revolves around the following:
  1. develop computer systems or system components;
  2. design and maintain office databases;
  3. provide technical support to students and staff; and
  4. install softwares needed by the office.
IT Assistants follow the same salary rate and maximum number of work hours for the office assistants. Their appointments as SAs are the same but they are allowed to work outside office hours. IT Assistants can work from 8AM to 7PM including weekends and holidays. IT Assistants are not limited to students taking the degree Computer Science as long as they are able to provide the above listed functions.
There are also other types of student assistants with adjusted work hours: Dorm Assistant, Museum Assistant, Class Assistant, Laboratory Assistant, and Library Assistant.

Interested to work as student assistant? We have over 700 open vacant SA positions as of yesterday.

Photo by vanpelt