Saturday, November 30, 2013

OSA recognizes the importance of Information Technology (IT) in providing efficient and effective services to the students. Basing on how our IT personnel works, we have recommended that starting Second Semester AY 2013-2014, offices may request for IT Assistants whose primary function revolves around the following:
  1. develop computer systems or system components;
  2. design and maintain office databases;
  3. provide technical support to students and staff; and
  4. install softwares needed by the office.
IT Assistants follow the same salary rate and maximum number of work hours for the office assistants. Their appointments as SAs are the same but they are allowed to work outside office hours. IT Assistants can work from 8AM to 7PM including weekends and holidays. IT Assistants are not limited to students taking the degree Computer Science as long as they are able to provide the above listed functions.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Student assistantship counts as work experience in one's government service record. Students assistants will have an edge since many positions require work experience. So, we encourage students to grab this opportunity.

Jobs that require work experience have higher salaries compared to entry-level positions. Students could have about three years of work experience when they graduate starting the old freshmen semester.

With the current student assistantship salary rate of P30 per hour, students can get as much as P3,600 per month. Instead of resting in the dorm or browsing Facebook in a computer shop, why not work as a student assistant and earn extra allowance? With P3,600 per month on top of a student's regular allowance, a student can save up to P18,000 in one semester and over P40,000 in one year. That's enough to buy a new phone or a laptop.

You might find some jobs boring or tiring so we encourage you to look for a job you would enjoy. Some people enjoy data encoding, some enjoy answering the telephone, some enjoy conducting research, some enjoy programming, some enjoy messengerial work, some enjoy talking with clients, and some enjoy counting office supplies.